Specific learning disability

Professor Barbara J. Wurzel of Ohio State University has defined the concept of specific learning disability as a learning disorder of more than one of the  processes that are involved in the child's comprehension, speaking or writing skills.

The symptoms of this disability show up when the child is  unable to listen, read, speak, calculate or write properly. The children with specific learning disability have problems in finding the right words for expression and they often fumble and use words which they do not understand

In fact the most common problem faced by such children is not being able to paying attention or concentrate on a particular thing. They may not understand things said and may be living in their own world.

The learning disability also prevents children from holding pens or pencils in  the proper position while writing. Some children with this disability have been found to be slow and awkward in their movement and general behavior.

This type of learning disability is different from other learning disabilities on account of  visual disability, motor disabilities, emotional disturbances or mental retardation.

Barbara J. Wurzel is of the opinion that the children with specific learning disability can be treated by certain methods. The parents and the teachers need to work jointly together to take extra care of such children. They have to follow a  plan to improve and develop the abilities that the children lack. One method of teaching such children is take one task at a time and to teach the child one thing at a time. This makes the child’s task much simpler and the child will be able to perform much better.

It is always necessary to provide positive encouragement  along with rewards, praise and affection. If the parents cannot the child themselves then they should go in for special classes or tutors to teach their children.

The children  are capable of doing all the things that we are able to do. Patience and care on the part of teachers and parents will help the children come up to the mark.