Observational Learning – Keep The Vested Interests At Bay

You can teach hungry minds by observational learning. It is the best tool. This teaching has not come to me from any school and I learned it from experience and I feel I have succeeded in education. I write with my mind what I learned years back.  Therefore, the creative mind is possible through observational learning.

The creative mind directs its path of success itself. Everyone can get creative. For example,
if you put a genius alongside an 8th grader, then there is a problem. Mentally ill people have a degree of retardation due to prejudice. Researchers say that it is a genius mind but with some disorder. Some teachers take mental illness for granted. You should not educate the child beyond his mental ability. This will be sheer negligence and you have to observe for some time. When you analyze behaviors of different people, you will know about it.

In psychology classes, I used to read just two paragraphs and could get the whole idea of the subject. I could get the crux of the story from single paragraph. My experience taught me that self learning teaches you in the best way, it makes you perfect. At the end, I just mastered the finals in 15 minutes that proved that observational learning is very effective. I also taught others the tips of observation and the results were effective. If you come under some influence, you cannot observe. It can prove to be an obstacle.

The biggest problem is the false understanding which comes in the way of observational learning. People have learned this for years. However, the present system of education is not up to the mark and has to be changed as it consists of failures, power, money etc. These things are obstacles to observational learning. You cannot remove problems in case the system itself does not want child with learning disability to come up. False diagnosis and vested interests are another root cause resulting in most of cases being frustrated beyond level of tolerance.

You also need to have a deep understanding of proper diagnosis. The person with learning disabilities is often misunderstood. Individuals with learning disabilities fall prey to greedy passions. You can detect the fraudulent sources by observational learning.