How To Teach Music To Disabled Children

Music is the best medium to express our feelings. Music can help you express joy, sorrow, anger, delight, adventure, and boredom, in fact, everything. It arouses, and is sensitive to both our body and the mind. It, in fact, explores the personality the person in you. In this article, we will basically discuss the various methods through which we can teach or infuse music in disabled children or pupils who are disabled.

We are required to be more careful with disabled as these children are special. To begin with, we need to do a lot of planning with proper strategy. Structure the class in a proper way consisting of small sections. We also need to acknowledge that sometimes conditions may arise where we have to alter our style of teaching also, so be prepared for it!

To teach these these special learners, you need to keep in mind that they are special and unique. Use out of box techniques for teaching them. We also need to slow down our pace considerably as these special learners take a little more time than the normal children.

Using headsets to teach disabled children is another good idea. These will prevent you from getting hassled as too many children, sometimes, create unnecessary confusion and noise. By doing this, the pupils will remain seated in one place, and it will be easier for you to manage them. Also, you can use microphones. They are a huge success in teaching music to small, disabled children.

Drawing pictures can also help the disabled child. And finally, the best way is to choreograph the song, or ask the special disabled pupils to dance. This is the best way to make the disabled pupils remember, develop and gain interest in the subject.