Travel Guide For The Disabled

A guide used to instruct the people with disabilities before they set out for a journey is called disabled travel guide. If you are handicapped and are planning to go for a short or long journey you better consult a guide to help you out. If otherwise you may have to face problems uncalled for and you stuct to a place due to the lack of information. There for it is always better to plan first as to where and how to go only then you would be able to enjoy your journey and the place you want to see. Moreover you should be careful about your personal safety also as your disability makes you more vulnerable than others in some cases. A travel guide instruct you many things related to travelling. Let us discuss on by one.

First of all there should be a prior arrangement of mobility vehile to carry you with the knowledge that the building or places you have to visit are easily accessible. You should also avoid travelling during rush hour if otherwise it will be a nussance for you. Don't make hurry and take your time since you may need more than one type of mobility vehicles that may be a time consuming affair. Converse with your caretaker and make him aware of your travel needs and priorities because how would one sense your requirements.

Sometimes a handicap travel on his own but he may need assistance or someone who help board his wheelchair on the trains. So it is always advisable to travel with a caretaker. Make suere that you haven't missed any of your medicine or equipment you need in your daily life. Moreover information regarding the availability of toilets is must particularly when you are are going for a long journey. And it will be a good idea if you check a  catering arrangement since you get down the train or bus frquently for your food. And carry your assistance dog in the journey only if there is an extra facility available for it in the means you are travelling with.