Activities For Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disability is also considered mental retardness or intellectual disability. If an individual is struck by a mental or physical disability before the age of 22, he is developmentally disabled under the federal law. In the practical sense of the term, a developmentally-disabled person is unable to lead a normal life. He lacks self direction, comprehending ability, and is also linguistically handicapped. Such a person usually feels isolated and has a feeling of no self worth.

Such people need a lot of care. They also need to be free from their monotonous life and they need recreation to divert their energy for their own betterment. For this very purpose, different programs and activities are organized. These programs are meant for mentally challenged children and those who are above 15 years of age. These kinds of programs promote respect, feeling of self worth and an expression of liberty. These carefully devised activities called The Recreational Activities for the Developmentally Disabled include:

* Taking breakfast at a restaurant.

* Watching baseball and basketball games.

* Attending swimming parties.

* Having dinner at a restaurant.

* Playing miniature golf.

* Enjoying train ride.

* Dancing in annual functions.

* Participating in karaoke festivals.

* Attending ballets.

* Taking part in winter ball.

* Participating in educational meets.

Each activity is rated to help the participant's caretaker or parents to take a better decision as to which activity is suitable for their child. One attendant for every six participants is deployed to look after their on-the-spot needs. There are always some risks involved in these engagements as participants are not able-bodied individuals and sometimes they show difficult behaviors. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the organization conducting these activities to manage and cover the risks. Attitude of the common people also matters to help these challenged individuals feel a part of the accepted and normal society.