Why Hire A Social Security Attorney?

It is a good idea to have a disability lawyer or a social security disability attorney to represent you while filing SSI claims or appeals. These professionals have considerable experience of processing, developing and representing winning claims for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

There are a few general advantages of retaining a disability lawyer or a social security disability attorney. The number of people applying for disability claims has been increasing many folds over the years. The deluge of applicants has put the SSA paperwork and processes to test. The system is packed with pending applications and there is a backlog that will take a long time to clear.

Lawyers and Attorneys criticize the SSA for being bureaucratic and slow; whereas the SSA defends itself on grounds of limitations of human and other resources. In reality, the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

It is always prudent to file one’s application with the SSA by certified mail, if not by hand. A copy of the application and all other relevant correspondence should be maintained.

Maintaining a record of phone calls or visits to the Social Security's local office in a diary will also help. However, while these steps are ideal, the disabled often do not have the physical stamina or the inclination to copy all documents, submit letters by certified mail, and document conversations.

A competent attorney can undertake these responsibilities besides maintaining other records and meeting deadlines.

Important submissions to Social Security are generally receipted by the Social Security office. However, filing of the initial application or any denial appeal by hand at the Social Security office, and obtaining proof of such receipt from the SSA's district office, is better than relying on certified mail.