Va Disability Claims Are So Complex That Need Counselor!

In order to look after the disabled veterans, the government has devised several plans to look into their welfare so that their interests are well taken care of. However, at times, the disability benefits accruing to these veterans have been affected by the laws that are made to look into their eligibility.

These disabilities may be put in to two classifications – one is service related disability and the other non service related disability. The VA care continues for disabled veterans with service related disability. Regarding veterans with non service related disability the benefits continue but on availability of space and may be upon charging co-payment. To get the full information on this can be obtained from the department of VA.

Service related disabilities are the given-benefits covering patient care, hospital care, and nursing home care. Regarding the non service category these facilities are available subject to certain conditions.

Service related disability is an injury or illness contacted or flared up during military service. One is entitled to benefits even in the event of contacting the disability after an honorable discharge provided it germinated during the service.

Since the amount of disability depends on the severity of the disablement, benefits are paid monthly and extra payments are made for certain severe disability. However, military retired pay and VA cannot be availed of simultaneously. To get one benefit, one has to forego the other. For instance, military retired pay may be left in favor of VA compensation as the latter is non taxable.

VA disability claims for service related disability are complex and assistance should be sought from state veteran counselor or county veteran service officer.

If the service connected disability is rated as 30% or more, an additional allowance is given for dependents.

There is no time limit to apply for VV disability but it is advisable to apply within a year from release from active duty