Social Security Disability Lawyers In New Jersey

The federal government of United States of America runs a welfare program designed to cater to the needs of disabled persons. Termed as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), this programme provides security to the disabled people who become unfit to work due to some form of disability.

Run by Social Security Administration (SSA), it is funded by contributions made by both the employee and the employer. Under the wage and tax provisions of U.S., a particular amount is deducted from the worker’s salary each month that goes towards the SSDI. The employer based on the worker’s salary and his/her contribution makes another corresponding contribution towards SSDI.

Now coming to how SSDI works. It has two components- Social Security Disability Insurance Program and Supplemental Security Income Program. The social security claims recognized by SSA include childhood disabilities, widow/widower’s disabilities, workers disabilities and retirement supplemental security income.

To file for social security disability in the state of New Jersey, one needs to file an application with the SSA. This application can be made over the phone, in person, as a walk-in visitor or by a prior appointment.

Fighting a social security disability claim is an arduous and tedious process. Majority of the claims meet have to face an outright denial. Even if claims are accepted, the settlement and the interim processes take several months and some times even years. That is the reason why many people turn to legal aid. Soliciting the services of a qualified attorney improves the chances of timely receipt of disability insurance benefits.

Social security disability lawyers in New Jersey refer to the disability attorneys in and around New Jersey, who deal in and specialize in cases of social security disability. Some lawyers deal only in cases of social security. A lot of the reputed names of the legal fraternity of New Jersey are associated with law firms operating in this area and its proximity. Apart from these, there are several other professionals who carry out their independent practice.

Social security disability lawyers of New Jersey offer assistance in claiming insurance benefits and provide legal representation in cases where the initial claim is declined. Many law firms also offer free initial consultation facility to their clients.

These social security disability lawyers in New Jersey offer assistance, if the initial claim is denied, provide representation, claim assistance for continuing claim benefits and receiving any or all past due benefits. It is because of their relentless efforts that the disability benefits reach where they are due.