Social Security Disability Lawyers In Michigan

The federal government of US runs an insurance type of program to support disabled persons by according to them special benefits and privileges. This scheme is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) scheme, which seeks to provide coverage to persons rendered incapable of any productive work, on account of disability.

If any kind of mental or physical impairment lasts at least one year or can lead to death of the disabled person, it falls within the bracket of social security. Social Security has two components- Social Security Disability Insurance and Retirement Supplemental Security Income.

SSDI offers compensatory benefits to workers, widows, widowers, children, poor and elderly people, who have become disabled. Retirement Supplemental Income supports disabled people, like the poor and elderly, who have limited resources at their command.

The states can supplement the federal benefit with allocated state funds. In the state of Michigan, Social Security Insurance benefits include basic federal benefit and an additional amount paid by state funds. The state also funds disabled people living in adult foster care, home for the aged and institution (long-term care facility).

Recipients of social security insurance, that is persons living independently or in another person’s household, automatically become eligible for Medicaid.

Disability Determination Services (DDS) determine if the claimants are eligible to receive SSDI benefits or not. The Department of Human Services, Michigan is the parent agency for DDS agencies.

The process of securing claims under social security is a complicated and long process. It involves interaction with several entities– private insurance, insurance paid by the employer and/or benefits given by the Social Security Administration. About 60 % to 70 % of the disability claims get declined at the very outset.

For these reasons, it often becomes necessary for disabled claimants to seek legal aid and assistance.

Social security disability lawyers in Michigan refers to the attorneys and the lawyers in the state of Michigan, who champion the cause of social security disability. They deal with compensation claims of the disabled workers, disabled widows/widowers and/or the disabled children.

These social security disability lawyers Michigan also tackle cases relating to the grant and continuance of supplemental security income.

They assist the disabled claimant in initiating the claim, offer representation and attend administrative hearings. They provide help at all levels of appeal, that is, reconsideration; hearing by administrative judge, review by appeals council and/or federal court review.

The social security disability lawyers Michigan ensure that all benefits, economic and medical, reach the disabled person in time. They make conscientious efforts that no disabled person should be treated unfavourably or denied the rights and privileges accorded to them.