Social Security Disability Lawyer In New Hampshire

When a person becomes disabled or incapable to do any kind of work, it becomes the responsibility of the State to habituate him physically and economically. At this point, the Social Security Administration insurance benefits, come in to aid for them which entitles him a basic pay if the person comes under disabled category. If the person meets the disable criteria, then he will be able to take the entitled benefits.

Under the Social Security Act there are two fundamental benefits that are given to the disabled people:

1. Social Security Disability Benefits
2. Supplemental Security Income

All the stages of benefit programs through which the case of disability benefits is processed are very tedious and complicated. It is better to hire a lawyer as they are so skilled and efficient in their job that they ensure the disabled people get the due benefits quickly. When case is illustrated through New Hampshire lawyers, the chances of approval tend to increase. The lawyers help them all the way through the legal process thus assisting them to receive their legal rights without much hindrance.

These benefits are acknowledged by the government to help disabled people cure disability. But sometime the benefit sum is denied at initial stage which can make the disabled person more depressed. A social security disability lawyer helps such disabled people in the course of appeal.

More than 60 percent of the claims in New Hampshire are refused initially. With the help of the lawyer you can plead for reconsideration within 60 days of case denial. It takes about 3 months to process along with additional medical proof.

The hearing is the last and the most essential stage of application process where illustration by lawyer is very helpful. An administrative law judge will take judgment at hearing and send his decision on paper to a lawyer. If a person is unhappy with the final decision of the judge, then he can re-appeal to the federal court within 60 days.