Social Security Disability In The US

Social security disability attorneys in the  U.S provide assistance to disabled persons fighting for social security claims. As defined by the laws of U.S.A., Social Security Disability Insurance offers insurance cover to all disabled individuals, who have become crippled by physical or mental disability and thus have been rendered unfit to work.

In order to become eligible for social security benefits, an individual should have worked for at least five out of the last ten years and contributed towards the social security scheme. The disability should have lasted or expect to last for at least twelve months and until the point of death of the disabled.

The social security claims accepted by the Social Security Administration of U.S.A. include childhood disability, worker’s disability, widow or widower’s disability and retirement supplemental income.

In case of childhood disability, the child should be suffering from a condition that severely restricts the child’s activities. Examples of these conditions are HIV, complete blindness or deafness or mental retardation.

Disability benefits are paid to widows or widowers, at least 50 years of age, who have become disabled after a certain amount of time after the death of their spouse. The deceased spouse should have worked long enough under social security for the benefits to accrue to the surviving spouse.

Worker’s compensation is paid in case a qualified worker is affected by a disability that limits the worker’s capacity to work. Retirement supplemental benefits are paid to individuals with severely limited resources and meager incomes.

Social security disability attorneys  assist in all stages of claim processing and provide representations at administrative hearings. They prepare the disabled client for questions that the presiding judge is likely to ask. They submit written legal arguments and attend oral arguments, if deemed necessary. They help the clients to file their appeals on time. This is especially important since an appeal must be filed within 60 days from the date of denial with a further grace period of 5 days as mailing time.

Social security disability attorneys  also procure medical records from doctors, hospitals and any other medical institutions that may be associated with the particular case. Once the claim is approved, it is closely monitored to ensure that the disabled person receives full and complete payment.

Although it is not necessary for a social security claimant to retain an attorney, it is highly advisable as the attorney is able to prepare and present the case in a manner that ensures quick processing of the case.