Social Security Disability In Connecticut

A disabled person’s life is full of confrontations, challenges, and difficulties. There are so many expenses to be incurred on treatment, medicines at the hospital sojourn and rehabilitations that a person cannot afford it easily. As the disability struck person is unable to give sufficient time to his job, it is not practical for the employer to give away the required sum of money. In fact, most of the disabled persons residing in the state of Connecticut end up in such economic destitution that Social Security Disability is the only way out.

Social Security Disability in Connecticut is an insurance scheme which provides financial assistance to a disabled person throughout the life. One can qualify for social benefits if they are not able to work for at least a stipulated time. Apart from the disable, his dependent family members can gain the future benefits as well. The irony is that the claims are not sanctioned at all times until the disabled has framed a convincing case with the aid of a lawyer.

When it comes to the approval of the claims, it is a pity that a big chunk of Social Security Disability and insurance claims in Connecticut itself are disapproved at the very first stage. That is why most of the petitioners are first listened to by an administrative law judge prior to getting the benefits.

According to the revised social security plans, Connecticut falls in the region of Boston and all the claims settlement are done there only. In the state of Connecticut, 17 Social Security Field Offices, 1 Disability Determination Service and two Disability Adjudication and Review locations are present to help the disabled persons. About 584,090 beneficiaries have received around $567,000,000 monthly benefit in Connecticut itself.

If the appellant does not hire a lawyer or non attorney representative, the ratio of receiving claims is significantly decreased. The local bar agencies in Connecticut help the disability complainants to find the disability attorney or lawyer. Such agencies keep the state wise list of specialized disability attorneys and lawyers of administrative firm and act as a mean of referral in finding a suitable lawyer.