Social Security Disability Attorneys Assist You In Claim Processing

There are basically two types of social security programs for the benefits of disabled persons. One is called Social Security Disability Insurance and the other is called Supplemental Security Income. The two programs are different in many aspects yet they are administered and controlled by the Social Security Administration (SSA). There are again many categories under which benefits are available within each of the two programs.

Under the first type, benefits for the disabled are available for those individuals who have worked for a considerable period of time in their lives and paid taxes. In this category Disabled Widow's and Widower's Benefits are paid to individuals above 50 years of age who have become after the death of a spouse. Disabled Adult Child Benefits are for the children of the disabled people who either have deceased or are still drawing the benefits of disability or retirement. The benefits payable under these programs are based on the income of the individual in question.

The second type of benefit known as supplemental Security Income benefits are paid to those individuals who are disabled and do not have enough income to look after their family. Under this type there is another program called the SSI child disability benefits for children under 18 who are disabled. The methods of determining benefits payable differ from one program to another.

There are numerous applications that are filed daily for claiming social security disability benefits and social security income. These applications go through a tough evaluation procedure and it is a sensible idea to have a disability attorney by your side to assist you not only in filling up the application, but also in representing you in court. These attorneys are well versed in the procedure and keep themselves abreast of the law and its requirements.