Significance Of Social Security Disability Lawyers

When a healthy and normal individual becomes disabled, chances are that the individual loses more than just normal body function. The individual also loses his or her source of income and requires to be economically compensated. It is the mission of the Social Security Administration of the Federal Government to provide economic security to disabled. This is in the form of disability benefits.

Availing of disability benefits can prove to be a herculean task. There are hundreds of thousands of disability applications that are filed every day. It is not an easy task to avail of disability benefits. The process is quite rigorous and there is a need to comply with procedure at various steps.

In spite of what many people may think, Social Security Disability Attorneys have a very useful role to play in helping the disabled secure their rightful dues and benefits. An SSD attorney not only helps with filing of the claims but also can determine the various programs of the federal government, under which a disabled person can rightfully claim benefits. In other words, SSD attorneys help not only in actual processing of the cases but also in evaluation of cases.

SSD attorneys help the disabled by telling them the information that is required for them to be able to file claims. The attorneys also take upon themselves the onus of collecting the medical records form the hospitals and clinics that have treated the disabled individual.

Disability can be and is a traumatizing experience. Hiring a responsible attorney can help the disabled person to cope with and fight the present circumstances without the added burden of taking on the responsibility of successfully filing and procuring just disability benefits.

SSD attorneys are hired on a contingency and not on a retainer basis. The attorney’s fees are limited to a maximum of 25% or $5300 dollars of back fees that a claimant wins. Considering the time an effort that an attorney puts in, this is a just amount.