Role Of Disability Attorneys

Although disability destroys many lives and causes tremendous  pain and trauma, it is a hard fact that is faced by thousands of people. Simply wishing it away is just not going to solve the problem. It is society’s responsibility to ensure that these people be provided with financial assistance and rehabilitation to the maximum extent possible.

It is necessary to put into place a legal framework through which such people are assured of help from the government. Keeping this in mind many laws have been put into force in the United States. Disability law is largely regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. This Act prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in employment, housing, education, and access to public services.

The ADA defines the term disability as a physical or mental impairment that restricts one or more of the aspects of a person’s life.

Disability: The Lawyers

Most disabled people however are not even aware of their rights, or familiar with the procedures that need to be followed to make claims. This ignorance sometimes leads to their losing their rightful claims.

Disability Lawyers play a major role in this area. These lawyers specialize in knowledge of the law related to disability and are well versed with the procedure that is required to be completed for such claims to fructify. Furthermore, these lawyers work with the intention of providing claimants their just dues by assisting them in matters of filing applications and representing them at hearings in court.

Disability Attorneys also guide the disabled people as to under which category they should make their claims. Claims can be made if the person has become incapacitated while on work due to some factors in the work field or by negligence of the company or a person or on the part of hospitals or even the government. Social security aid is granted to the aged, blind and disabled.

A number of law firms have made it their mission to seek restitution and compensation for the disabled and ensure that they are able to get their just dues from the government and make their lives easier. These firms help the disabled to seek job opportunities, affordable medical care, education, housing and transportation to name a few. Some of the categories under which claims can be made are listed below:

Federal Workers' Compensation
Social Security Disability
Supplemental Security Income
Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
Common Workplace Injuries
Slip & Fall at Work
Repetitive Stress Injuries
Construction Accidents
Motor Vehicle Accidents

After reading this, you might think that receiving compensation for workplace injuries or other disabilities should be a simple issue. It is however very complicated. There are numerous governmental agencies that are responsible for paying disability benefits. It becomes difficult for the disabled person to determine which agency to turn to.

Disability Lawyers help the disabled to receive disability benefits under such situations. These lawyers are familiar with the procedures and the process for making an appeal to obtain benefits from a variety of governmental agencies.

Disability Attorneys strive to seek basic human rights for their clients and ensure they are not discriminated against. Their attempt is to reduce if not totally eradicate the emotional, financial and physical burden of the complainant.