Hire An SSD Attorney From The Onset To Win Your Disability Claim

Applying for the social security disability benefits can be a very difficult process. It requires both time and energy. Moreover, you need to understand the various requirements and make sure that you do not miss any of them.

Without the appropriate legal advice, it seems sometimes impossible to get disability benefits even if you are eligible. If your application is rejected the first time, you have no choice except to go in for an appeal.

Disability attorneys can be of immense help in the initial stages of the claim process. They can advice you on the claim process and help to fill up your application form. As a matter of fact, help in the initial stages helps to make sure that your claim is not rejected in the first evaluation.

The task of a disability attorney is to collect the necessary medical and other records that are required to substantiate your claim and are necessary by law. It is very necessary to be truthful and honest with your disability attorney. The attorney may put up various questions for you to answer and may point out certain areas where your claim might be questioned. Helping your attorney unconditionally will help you to win the claim without going in for an appeal.

Disability can be and is a traumatizing experience. Hiring a responsible attorney can help the disabled person to cope with and fight the present circumstances without the added burden of taking on the responsibility of successfully filing and procuring just disability benefits.

SSD attorneys are hired on a contingency and not on a retainer basis. The attorney’s fees are limited to a maximum of 25% or $5300 dollars of back fees that a claimant wins. Considering the time an effort that an attorney puts in, this is a just amount.