Going About Disability Claims – Appoint A Attorney!

In case of disablement, it is very important to know what legal rights are in place before one actually needs them. Since the disablement comes as a disaster and at times ruins the person involved financially, it is important to be aware of the process of evaluation and settlement of disability claims.

The disability claims process is so complex that several claims are refused at the very first stage. Since as many as 50% of the total claims are turned down at the onset, an attorney always comes in handy. Since a layman cannot be aware of the loopholes and complexities of the laws and the claims involve a lot of study of the case, only an advocate can handle the case properly.

The next stage comes when at least half of rejections occur in comparison with the first stage. The final stage for disability claims is a hearing before the Administrative Law Judge. The entire process is so long that it might even take between 3 months to a year in between each stage. Although no fee is charged in the beginning, the fee is charged only when one avails of the benefits.

Disability claims are made initially to the Social Security office of the area and they evaluate at the Disability Determination Services (DDS). For speedy process of the case, it is advisable to contact the disability examiner at the DDS for providing information regarding the status of the claim.

If everything goes the way disabled person wants and availability of medical records speeds up the disability claims process. For quick results, the applicant should submit copies of the medical reports when applying for disability claims. A decision to consider a disability claim application is made only after gathering full information about all medical evidences.

Certain non-medical aspects have to be also verified for the purpose of the disability claims. This may include age, employment, marital status, whether availing of any other benefits given by the state. Generally it is the duty of the field office to check the authenticity of non-medical information required for disability claims.

It is important to contact a professional before attempting a disability claim to avoid confusion and disappointment latter.