Disability Lawsuits

The Disability Discrimination Act was passed for the rights of disabled people. A disabled person faces many problems in his life. An unsettled claim and non-payment of benefits makes the scenario more difficult for him. The worsening situation and the discrimination suffered by the disabled in various areas of everyday lives has compelled the government to pass Bills. Still, due to various reasons, the disabled don't get their due rights and benefits. Then, they can file disability lawsuits.

What is a disability lawsuit?

It’s their claim of rights through the court of law. They can file a case against the organization like an insurance company, the private party, or a government body. They can also file lawsuits against any person who has denied them their rights or discriminated them. The law assures them their rights. The aim is to make sure that the disabled receive their due claims and benefits and the offenders are penalized.
One such area of discrimination is the insurance sector. People buy the policies with an assurance that they would receive benefits from the insurance companies. But when the time comes, and the person is rendered disabled, the insurance firms refuse to pay out the benefits. The disability lawsuits are filed against these kinds of insurance companies, if they deny a genuine claim.