Disability Attorneys – Their Exact Role And Profile

Disability lawyers or attorneys refer to a group of lawyers, law firms and companies that deal with and specialize in fighting cases of disability. These lawyers are qualified to tackle issues such as disability claims, compensation and discrimination against disabled persons.

Disability attorneys are situated in each state of the US. These advocates handle disputes arising out of disability laws and provisions in the U.S. Some of the provisions for the disabled persons under the U.S. law include social security disability insurance, and the Americans with Disability Act.

The Social Security Disability Insurance provides assistance to persons unable to work due to disability. It also offers insurance benefits to the disabled person’s family. These benefits include privileges for disabled widow or widower, disabled children, minor child, adult child and even unmarried child. This scheme provides benefits in terms of both cash and health care facilities.

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) seeks to protect disabled persons from discrimination. This discrimination may be in terms of employment privileges, access to public transport and services or discrimination by relatives or associates in the place of work.

Disability attorneys also manage cases of worker’s compensation and disability, widow or widower’s disability, childhood disability, disabled adult child and family benefits for the disabled person’s family. They provide assistance and guidance about claiming compensation from social security.

These lawyers handle disputes relating to the grant and continuance of retirement supplemental security income. They also fight cases of discrimination against disabled persons, under the provisions of ADA.

Many law firms and attorney offices offer a wide variety of payment plans to suit one’s budget. They also provide weekend and evening or night appointments. Some offices also have a 24-hour telephonic customer assistance facility.

Disability attorneys specialize in handling all kinds of disability cases. They offer help to disabled clients to initiate the claim and provide representation at hearings. When the claim is approved, they ensure that all the benefits and privileges are passed on to the claimant.