Disability Attorneys In Colorado

Disability attorneys are the attorneys and lawyers who specialise and deal in cases or disputes arising out of non-compliance with the Disability Laws. Colorado Disability Attorney Groups are attorney offices, firms and lawyer groups that handle cases dealing with provisions of the Disability Laws in the state of Colorado, in US.

Disability Laws in Colorado relate to the provisions of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Disability, as defined in the ADA, stands for a physical or mental injury or illness that severely limits one or more life activities of a person. ADA prohibits any form of discrimination against individuals with disabilities in terms of housing, employment or access to public services etc.

Disability compensation is often provided to disabled persons out of state or private funds to support the disabled person and his/her family in event of a disability. As a part of the disability compensation, a worker may be eligible for disability insurance and supplemental income benefits.

A fixed, usually minimal amount is deducted from the salary of workers each month as a contribution towards social security taxes. In case, a worker becomes disabled and is unable to perform his/her normal work-related duties, he/she is paid disability insurance benefits out of this fund. This social insurance programme is known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

The SSDI provides insurance coverage to the disabled worker and in case of his/her death to his/her dependent family members. In case the worker is old, he/she may also become eligible for supplemental security income on the lines of retirement benefits.

If a disabled worker or his/her dependent family members feel that they have not been granted the privileges due to them under the provisions of the ADA and/or SSDI, they may approach a disability attorney in Colorado.

Colorado Disability Attorney Groups deal with cases of disability discrimination, disability fraud and disability compensation. They fight legal cases and ensure that the benefits are paid to the disabled worker and his/her family. If the claim is won over, they monitor the claim to ascertain that the due payments are made to the claimant in time.