Disability Attorney In Florida

The irony with the settlement of social security disability claims is that it can take several months or even years to get sanctioned. Presently, in Florida it can take up about three years to get the disability benefits sanctioned. Countless impediments can arise during the claim process, starting from initial application to final hearing.

In Florida, it is advantageous to hire a lawyer or attorney before hearing because most of the times claim is rejected at the initial stage. Before filing for disability claims, the attorneys ensure the regularity in medical facts, doctor authentication, the intensity of disability, requirements for benefits, employment abilities and all other necessary details that make certain any disabled person to obtain the entitled benefits.

With the appointment of an experienced attorney, the possibility to obtain the disability benefits in Florida increases. They help claimants to assess their situation and represent them throughout the appeal. The non lawyers too represent the case at initial level of claim process but they cannot represent the case beyond the administrative level.

Generally, attorneys and non-attorneys both have the similar fee structure. The lawyers are paid only when the disabled person gets the benefits, which means that the lawyers are largely dependent on their client’s success for the recovery of their fees.

Social security disability in Florida offers two types of earnings for disabled people, one is social security disability insurance and the other is supplemental security income. Social security disability benefit is given for those people who are 65 years of age and have given enough taxes. On the other hand, supplemental security income is given to those people who have almost no source of income at all.

As the administrative procedure in Florida Federal Court is extremely limiting, so it becomes all the more important to represent a firm legal case in front of the Administrative Judge.