A Lawyer For Social Security Disability Representation Is Your Best Bet In New Hampshire Area?

The Social Security Administration allows benefits to a disabled person who is disabled as defined under the Social Security laws. The system provides basic stipend to an individual in cases where he/she meets the strict standards listed under a Listing of Impairments.

Under the Social Security Act, there are two benefits to which a disabled person may be entitled:

1. Social Security Disability Benefits:
These are benefits to a disabled person who has a history of working and paying into the Social Security system. Such persons are deemed covered in case they suffer a disabling disease or injury that prevents them from continuing to work. This monthly benefit usually approximates 66% of the disabled person's average earnings in the last five years.

2. Supplemental Security Income (S.S.I.):
These are benefits that accrue to a disabled person who has no history of payments into the Social Security system. This could be on account of age or an unemployment history. Such persons are therefore not covered under Social Security Disability benefits. Such S.S.I. payments are a small stipend of about $500 per month. There are other conditions about not having assets or family income beyond stipulated amounts.

Filing a proper claim for social security disability benefits or health insurance is a fairly complicated business. It is best to take the assistance and advice of some lawyer specialized and knowledgeable in these areas of legal rights of a disabled person.

Although there are many law firms offering legal consultation, one should search and analyze the areas of practice of them to ensure that they also deal in social security disability laws.

In case one is looking for a suitable law firm for representation in the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including Rockingham County and cities of Portsmouth, Rye, New Castle, Dover, Hampton, North Hampton, Rochester, Stratham, Exeter, Greenland, Windham, and Newington or in Hillsborough County and Merrimack County in the towns of Manchester, Bedford, Concord, Salem, Nashua, Derry and Londonderry, it's easy enough to find such a law firm as there are legal directories on the internet that provide listing of law firms both area and practice wise.