Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is also known as SSDI. It is a protection program provided by Social Security Administration. This insurance provides benefits to those who give taxes to Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) and become disable at some part of their life. SSDI is economically supported by Social Security taxes paid by workers, employers and self-employed persons.

The monthly allowances that you get depend on your work experience and your monthly income. You will start getting the amount after five months of your disability. There are strict rules and regulations to apply for this facility. The income of the worker must be stopped for one year or more. The reason should be the physical or mental disability which didn't allow you to work at all in the present job or any other job. When it is medically proven then only you can apply for social security disability insurance. It provides financial security to disabled worker, widows, widowers, and children or adults disabled since their childhood.

The person getting financial benefits will be reviewed after regular intervals to check their health and to see if they are still eligible for the benefits. Once the disable person crosses the retirement age of 65 years then that person shifts to Social Security retirement program.

The amount up to 60 % of your salary is payable to the patient. The whole amount is not paid so that they should be willing to get back to work to get their complete salary. If they will get whole salary then they will not get motivation to get back to work.

The money that you will get every month will be on 3rd day of every month. For example: for the month of January, you will get payment on 3rd February. You are eligible to apply for this if you suffer from any of the disability like cognitive disabilities, hearing disabilities, learning disability, mental disabilities and physical disabilities.