Short Term Disability Insurance

Short term disability insurance is a boon for people who unfortunately have to suffer from short term disability. Short term disability is when you are not able to work because of some unavoidable circumstances. The main causes of short term disability are pregnancy (it could be both normal and complicated), injuries, back injuries, mental disorders and digestive and intestinal problems. These are the problems that could make you stay away from work for a short span of time.

Though short, this disability could also become a cause of worry for you. Your company is not going to pay you when you are not working. At that time, you will face financial problems and to deal with them short term disability insurance is a good way. If you take short term disability insurance policy then you get 50 % to 60 % of your weekly income.

To get money from your policy is quite easy. You start getting financial aid within 15 days of becoming disabled. But, the reality is that these short term disability insurance are very expensive. But, still they can prove out to be profitable for those who don't have bank balance to look after them when they are at home because of disability. At that time, these short term disability insurances are a good option for you to rely on. Because, if you don't have money when you need it then this insurance policy could prove out as a great help for you at the time of need. Even it is not easy to find these short term disability insurance policies. But, overall this insurance is a good deal.

On the other hand, permanent or long disability includes visual disabilities, reading disabilities, physical disabilities, hearing disabilities, learning disability, mental disabilities and deafness. There are also many policies available to deal with them.