Short Term Disability

Short term disability is when a worker is unable to work for more then 30 days because of some illness, injury, pregnancy or accident. It could be both mental disabilities and physical disabilities. When a worker faces this condition of disability then he can get insurance benefits for the same. But, you can apply for this insurance only if you prove that you are not able to work in your present job and also can not switch over to some other job. This short term disability could extend to three, six, nine or twelve months.

In this insurance, the sufferers get a monthly benefit for total disability. This helps the worker and his family deal with the financial problems that they could have faced because of the injuries. This insurance provides up to 60 % of the weekly salary of the employ. This proves out to be one of the best benefits an employ can get because they can stay relaxed and don't need to worry in case of any accident or illness.

It is not easy to be a part of a short term disability program. You need to qualify some terms, then only you become eligible to apply for it. Some of the necessary elements are:
A) Worker needs to work for minimal 30 hours in a week.
B) Working continuously for 90 days is also necessary.
C) Your benefits will come in use only when you will be absent from your work for more than eight days.

After that, if you are eligible then for first fortnight you will get 100 % of your salary. After that, you will get 66.7 % of your basic income. The complete amount is not given because partial salary will make the person get back to the work as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the person will start liking it because he would be paid completely without working.

Social security disability insurance works out well towards disability rights and disability protection for people who get disabled for shorter period of time.