Self Employed Disability Insurance

There are may insurance plans in US and people spend and invest a considerable amount of their savings in these sort of insurances like life insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, canine health insurance, dental insurance etc. But its been seen that people buy life insurances or others more than the disability insurance plans. Whereas the disability insurance policies are now one of the most prime need with the perspective of making your future safe. If you buy the disability insurances you have an assurance that you will get financial help from the insurance companies all the number of days you spend on a wheel chair or bed unable to work. There are both the STD as well as LTD insurances.

The American council of Insurances are much concerned about the safety of the self employed people. This is because people who are employed under an employer or are in any form of government service, are almost having the disability insurance policies from any of the companies. The employers themselves buy policies for their employees deducting a percentage of their income as premiums, or the employees themselves can also buy on their wish and choice of the companies. The government employees pay a part of their earnings go to the state disability fund as a form of tax which ensures that Social security disability benefits and besides that a good number of them also buy private insurance coverage.

Now those who are self employed don't have this kind of facilities. They need to take care of themselves and buy self employed disability insurance plans or policies. There is no change of promises or plans and these policies for the self employed too are the same insurance covers and policies meant for the employed. The only difference is that they have to do it themselves either stepping in one of the office or calling the agents to their workshop or business office.

Why its important for a businessman or self employed person to buy 'self employed disability insurance'? Thats because its an assurance of financial aid to the person if by some bad luck or due to illness or accident he becomes disabled for some time or forever. He is not entitled to the first form of social security disability benefits, since he paid no taxes for the fund. Secondly to get the SSI benefits, there is no surety how long will he take to get those benefits. But if he has a disability insurance from a private company, he is entitled to get the benefits from the company as per promises and from the very day they are written on the terms and conditions. Thus I urge every self employed to get their disability insurance signed.