New York State Disability Insurance

Individuals of any country or state can be unfortunate enough to become disabled in their lives and New York is not an exception. People who are suffering from disability in NY can enjoy same benefits as others. An individual who has recently left his job because of injury or ill health is eligible for getting New York State disability benefits. The benefits would be one half of their weekly salary up to a maximum of $170 per week. Various New York state disability insurances are available to help the individuals get their claim. One of such programs is the New York statuary disability insurance which is mandated by the New York State. Being a non-fault insurance program, it works to protect workers injured during the job.

The disability benefits are paid either entirely by employer or jointly by employee and the employer. If disability starts while a person is employed or during the first weeks of unemployment, the employer or employer's insurance company would pay the claim. On the other hand, if disability starts after the first four weeks of unemployment then a special fund administered by the chairperson of the worker's compensation board will pay the claim. Various statuary benefits will be enjoyed by the employees. These are:

* A maximum of $170 per week would be given based on eight weeks of employment. These can be paid for a maximum of 26 weeks during a 52 week period.
* No benefits will be paid for the initial seven weeks of disability to the employed workers. These will begin on the eighth consecutive disability day.

You must file your claim within 39 days after disability. Apart from this, many other disability insurance programs are also there. Few things should be kept in mind while dealing with any disability insurance company.

* The employer's insurance company has a right to require a weekly recertification confirming your disability.
* Your insurance company may ask you to certify your continuing disability, for that you either have to get a letter from your doctor on his letterhead or you have to fill the form given by the insurance company.
* They may also ask you to get examined by their own physicians. For this activity, they would definitely pay you.

Many a times your insurance company may reject your application. In that case, you have the right to take the case to court, before a judge. So, the residents of New York State can deal with a good insurance company to get their claim pass peacefully so that they can live their lives with comfort.