Disability Insurance Quotes

Disability insurance often eludes the imagination of the people as it fails to strike them that this insurance is just as essential as life insurance. As it provides some solace to the family in case of one's disability.

Studies reveal that between the ages of thirty to sixty five one is more likely to be disabled than die. It has also been found that one fourth of people below the age of forty have a tendency to become disabled for about 3 months or so before retirement. In America one out of thirteen people employed suffers disabling injury or illness. Such illness or injury expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Health insurance may pay for medical bills, but for other regular bills like mortgage, car, gas, etc disability insurance is no less than a salary.

Disability insurance policies are a specialized task and it is useful if one has a professional agent to look into the comparative options in different policies and their respective quotes. One can request for disability insurance quotes by submitting forms by various insurance service providers who forward them to vendors for competitive price quotes. This saves time and avoids futile search matching one's requirements at no risk or obligation through such service providers. Disability insurance agents are able to provide best rates and offer combinations to meet specific requirements.

In short term disability insurance, the period of coverage is a maximum of two years and the benefits are usually not adequate to meet all expenses in full. On the other hand, long term disability insurance policies are for a minimum period of five years and some insurance companies extend such disability insurance up to the age of sixty five or even for lifetime at additional cost.

Disability is a financial setback and as it lingers the individual and the family's difficulties increase. Therefore, one must start by getting disability insurance quotes from amongst various available sources.