Disability Insurance For Disabled To Avoid Financial Crunch

Illinois Mutual, the leader in the disability insurance industry, is holding its second annual Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) during May.

DIAM is an event designed to help consumers and agents understand the importance of disability insurance. According to Mr. Mike McCord, Chairman and President, Illinois Mutual, disability insurance is a way for disabled people to safeguard their paycheck and prevent financial disasters. Another effort, by the Illinois Mutual, to create awareness among its consumers, is their educative website called

It is basically designed to give consumers valuable information about protecting their income. You can either participate in DIAM or visit the website to find answers to questions like, “Who needs disability insurance?", “Where can I turn for my disability insurance needs?”, “What is disability insurance?”, “Why do I need disability insurance?", etc. So hurry up and educate yourself about your income.