Disability Insurance Companies

Whatever critics have to say about the discrepancies of insurance policy companies and their policy holders, millions are rescued by the health covers and benefits all over the world. We can not oversee the benefits on the verge of some of the unsettled disability insurance cases.

To get a cover for uncertain future is a necessity today. In fact disability insurance has bloomed so much around the globe that people prefer to buy them at whatever costs. Why not? If they assure you a monthly payment of a part of your income, you at least don't have to raise debts against yourself for sustenance and spend greater amount of your savings.

There are many disability insurance companies in the US. But before we look at them let’s have a basic knowledge on their plans. There are basically two types of insurance plans- Long term disability plans and short term disability plans. They are again sub divided into other policies with various terms and conditions. The long term assures you income for a longer period or till you are eligible for the old age benefits from the US state fund, whereas the short term policy will assure you income till you are bed ridden or for maximum of 52 weeks.

There are hundreds of disability insurance companies in the US, but some of them have really earned fame with the growth and facilities. They are: Unumprovient, Berkshire Life Insurance, Standard Insurance Company, Guardian Life Insurance, Metropolitan Life Insurance. These are the few names that are most heard in the disability insurance plans.