Disability Insurance

Disability is a form of physical or mental deformity that you have from the time of birth or you get by some injury or disease. If you are disable from birth then there are many disabilities act, disability protection, disability rights and disability services for social security of the disabled. But, no one is aware of what is in store for you in future. You can become disable later on in your life too because of some disease or some accident or injury. To deal with this problem, there is disability insurance that assures you to be tension free.

This insurance is helpful for the employees who become disable due to some unfortunate or unavoidable circumstances. It provides you with about 60 % of your income if they became disable for short period of time or till the time of there death. Disability insurance provides you with social security that you have arranged something for your family if you are not able to work.

There are two types of these insurances. One is for short term disability and other for long term disability or that  which affects you till death. If you register to get this insurance then you have to medically prove that you are not able to work neither in your job, nor in any other job. It proves that you are not fit to work in any condition which makes you get the money that can help you. You get this money till the time you are disabled.

Social security disability insurance is proving out to be very helpful for those who don't have a secured future. But, it is not easy to find these types of insurances, but if you find one then you are lucky because there are 16 % chances of a person becoming disabled during his/ her working years.