Disability Income Insurance

Disability income insurance is a health insurance that compensates the portion of your life when you become disabled due to some injury, accident or disease. In short, this insurance works as your income when you are not able to provide your services to your company. You save your income to use it during that period of your life when you are not able to work due to your disability.

This insurance can be for all- short term disability, long term disability and total disability. It depends on you as to which insurance do you wanna take. But, you will get the payment only after you are medically certified that you will not be able to work in your present job and would not even be able to switch over to some other job. Disability income insurance then provides you with up to 80 % of your pre-disability income. The period of disability could start from 13 weeks, till the time of the patient's death. It completely depends on the time period you remain disabled for.

You should be careful about the kind of policy you take up. Make sure that your policy covers up disability caused by both accident and sickness. Then there are "own occupation disability" and "any occupation disability". In "own occupation disability", you are not able to work in your occupation and there is no condition regarding your taking up other occupation. In "any occupation disability" you should be not able to work in your job and not able to take up any other job too.

There could be different types of disability that you could suffer from like cognitive disabilities, deafness or hearing disabilities, learning disability, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, visual disabilities and being handicapped. You will get benefit of disability income insurance if you will suffer from any of these disabilities.