Benefits Of Hiring A Social Security Disability Attorney

Here are a few common advantages of retaining a disability lawyer or a social security disability attorney and guidelines and tips on how to go about it all. Appointing an attorney for the purpose is a good idea in any case due to the following reasons-

Disability lawyers and social security disability attorneys have developed streamlined legal and administrative case management system to ensure that the cases represented by them are favorably decided at the earliest and with maximum award of benefits legally due, including the due arrears as well.

Moreover, these professionals keep a constant contact with your doctors to ensure that they have all the necessary evidences they need to represent you successfully.

On your behalf, they will efficiently handle all contact with the Social Security offices and closely liaison with their staff, ensuring that your claims are processed in time.

Their paralegal back end staff has case analysts to review your case information and their case managers prepare the files for representing your case in an appropriate manner as required by the court hearing process.

These professionals are well aware of the agony and hardships a disabled person goes through, so they understand how difficult the situation is and are professionally considerate about getting you the deserved benefits.

If you are unable to perform substantial employment on account of disablement, then most likely you are eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Supplemental Security Income Benefits (SSI) benefits are payable to persons who are disabled and poor.

Additionally, SSI children's disability benefits are payable to children of 18 years age or younger whose parents or guardians are poor and who are themselves disabled.

In case benefits are denied on initial application, you have the right to request for the reconsideration of your case within 60 days of receiving your denial letter

In case your claim is denied even after reconsideration, you still have 60 days to request a hearing which is held before an Administrative Law Judge who will summon and hear witnesses, look into and review medical evidences and then decide your case.

The Appeals Council, a special department of the SSA, reviews such cases and ensures that due process of law has been followed and applicants are given a fair hearing. In cases where the Appeals Council decides that a fair hearing has been denied to a claimant, the case gets reverted to the Administrative Law Judge for further proceedings.

In cases the Appeals Council has either denied appeal and/or refused to review a case, a 60 day period is provided to file for a review before a Federal District Court. A Federal
Judge on reviewing the records of the hearing can award disability benefits or deny disability benefits or send the case back for an additional hearing.