AFLAC Disability Insurance

AFLAC is an American insurance company founded in the year 1955 in Columbus, Georgia by three brothers, Bill, Paul, and John Amos.  The former name of the company was American Family Life Assurance Company but its acronym was formally adopted as the legal name in 1990.  The certified name on the firm’s website and for officially selling insurance is the American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus.

The AFLAC has three realms of operations, in New York State, the rest of US and Japan.  The company's logo was changed in 2005. As such, the duck would be linked with the company and more people can recognize it. They have become more popular in recent times with their famous AFLAC Duck commercials. They also starred in many different commercials, partly due to the company’s increased assets in the years since the introduction.

AFLAC is a pre-tax program approved by IRS.  The program is intended to permit certain benefit premiums to be pre-taxed.  For individuals who use the pre-tax feature, they can only enroll or cancel coverage during the yearly open enrollment.

AFLAC offers insurance coverage for accidents or AFLAC disability insurance, short-term AFLAC disability insurance, cancer, hospital confinement indemnity, hospital intensive care, long-term care, hospital confinement sickness indemnity, and specified health event, vision, life, and dental.

Child Dependent Day Care
People pay taxes on every dollar they earn and then they pay for child dependent care if they don’t have the Flexible Spending Account (FSA), but with an FSA they can set aside a portion of every paycheck for expenses on qualified dependent day care.  The amount is subtracted from the paycheck before taxes are calculated so the taxes should decrease. The person won’t pay taxes on the money spent on qualified dependent care.

Cancer Expense Protection Plan
This plan is designed to provide funds to assist in covering the extra expenses associated with treatment of cancer.  It also provides a yearly Cancer Screening Wellness benefit.

Personal Short-Term AFLAC Disability Insurance
Personal short-term AFLAC disability insurance may help an individual with a source of income if they become disabled due to off-the-job injury or sickness. It offers monthly benefits for durations of three months, six months, twelve months, or twenty-four months policy. They can also choose to have this type of insurance on a pre-tax basis.  If an after-tax coverage is chosen for this type of insurance, the disability benefits they receive at the time they file the claim will be tax-free.  If they choose it to be pre-tax basis coverage, the premium is tax-free and the disability benefits they receive at the time of filing the claim is taxable.

AFLAC disability insurance has such a policy that is not too expensive and grows in the amount received the longer it is kept and not in use.