Jobs For Disabled Veterans

Veterans who have seen active duty and have been in the midst of action, fighting an enemy, deserve our unreserved praise. The fact is that a number of US army personnel are disabled in action. They fall victim to an enemy landmine or a bullet and life for them is not quite the same.

They win medals for their bravery and then return home to their wives and families. It is a very different world for them. Even though they are prepared for any eventuality in a war, returning home is an event for which they are unprepared.

These veterans deserve much more than our praise. We owe them an on opportunity at leading their own lives, independently and productively.

There are a number of government agencies and departments that are responsible for looking into the re-employment of disabled veterans. Government agencies are authorized to appoint war veterans for a particular position without any competition or comparison with other suitable candidates.

This appointment can be carried out by a Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) and the criterion that a disabled war veteran must fulfill is active duty in a war that has been declared in a war authorized by congress.  This has enabled federal agencies to fill up job positions much faster by selecting war veterans for these postings.

A disabled war veteran can contact federal agencies for a suitable VRA employment opportunity. After two years of satisfactory service in the position, the veteran can be absorbed as a permanent employee of the agency.

There are a number of similar initiatives that have been taken up by federal and state governments to enable disabled veterans to find suitable employment. Each state government has a department of veteran affairs that is responsible for employment opportunities for war veterans.