Is Journalism Not A Disabled Person’s Forte?

Like every normal person, the disable people have also shown their excellence in every field including sports, academics, medicine and alike. The disable people have the desire to do something special, though they may not have the means that the normal people have. There have been a lot of instances where people with disabilities have shown their brilliance and have created a niche for themselves. For instance, take the living example of Stephens Hawking the great scientist who is still alive.

Reporting or journalism has, of late, become the most sought after profession for youngsters with disabilities. The opening of new avenues, the adventure and enthusiasm, the exploration of the world make this profession a likeable job. Many disable students too, crave for this branch of study and the profession is attracting more and more disable people. In fact, there are a lot of disable reporters in the field of journalism who are working and trying their hand at it better than their counterparts or colleagues who are leading a normal life.

Is reporting or journalism not a disable person’s forte? If this question was asked some thirty years ago, the answer would have been different. But with the advancement of technology and numerous facilities for the disable persons in the field of journalism, they find it nothing tough except some hurdles that are inevitable even for the normal persons.

The technology has made the world a small place to live in. If you open the window in one corner of the world, you can see what’s happening at the other end. Earlier, things were not as easy as that.

The special privileges meant for the reporters with disabilities also help them a lot to go for the goals they want to achieve in their life. The disable reporters in the field of journalism have become a role model for the other aspiring candidates who have some problem or the other and are categorized as disabled.