How To Manage With Learning Disabilities At Work?

Almost 15 percent of the population suffers from some or the other kind of learning disability. It is for this reason that one can find people with learning disabilities in many workplaces. Quite contrary to popular belief, people with learning disabilities are not as much a burden on the human resources of the company. With a little bit of planning and appropriate policies, these people can easily be absorbed into the organization.

Accommodate disabled workers
The first and foremost thing that employees need to do is accommodate disabled workers in the organization. This can be done by developing personnel policies that are in compliance with the federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity and Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. While you develop such policies, you should also apprise your employees of the same. Also, appoint an administrator who can oversee all the disability issues in the organization.

Offer modified training
Even if your organization offers the best training programs, it may not suit people with learning disabilities. Thus, you need to modify your training to ensure that it is comprehendible for everyone. You can use manuals in various forms, both- printed and recorded. Using computers with voice dictation may also be of great help. Give away handouts that have paraphrased instructions replete with illustrations to facilitate better understanding. Also, you can appoint managers who can address the queries of disabled individuals.

Provide training options
Different people suffer from different forms of learning disabilities. So, a particular training option that may suit one person may not be suitable for the other. It is for this reason that you must provide training options. For instance, you can offer speakers for people suffering from dyslexia or reading disability. People who have problem with language could be offered more of hands on training rather than written instructions.

Offer support
Modified training when coupled with a little bit of support can help deliver noteworthy results. It is for this reason that you must encourage your employees. Tell them that learning is an ongoing process and they are not expected to pick up everything in a month. Also, convey that any queries or questions are encouraged. Encourage your staff to support the disabled workers. Provide as much assistance as possible to ensure that the employees get immediate solutions to their problems. Observing the disabled employees as you offer them training will also help you monitor their progress better.

Of course, it will take a little effort on part of the player to accommodate individuals with learning disabilities. But in return, the organization will also benefit from the diverse problem solving skills that these people bring along.