Family Temporary Disability Insurance

The state has already many sub-plans of the two main disability insurance or Social Security Programs. Another new program of insurance has been added to the Social Security Disability Insurance called Family Temporary Disability Insurance. This is a very controversial program Bill. It came into being from July 2004. The controversies are from the private sectors who don't support the bill and regard it as “job killer”.

The common people are very happy with this Bill. They are very excited that this program and insurance cover will allow them to spend some time with their family members.

You too might feel that you cannot give much time to your children or parents who are old enough. Under this insurance program, a person can take a maximum of six weeks leave and give his time to his family members. Now, don't get excited that you will get the opportunity. It is meant for those who are having someone disabled at home, some one has fallen ill, or in case of new child born child. Usually, the employer would never pay you for a six- week leave. So, the Family Temporary Disability Insurance will pay you 55% of your weekly wages in these days.

Eligibility for Disability Insurance:

The law passed on 1st January 2004, has been introduced with the idea that the taxes paid to the state disability insurance will be increased by a little amount and it will not take into account the duration of the job period. Even a new employee, who has joined very recently, too is eligible for the insurance benefits. All the calculations and taxes will be deducted henceforth. Thus, the employees have a great support from the Plan.