Employment Status On Long-Term Disability

A person can become disabled temporarily or for a longer period. One could become permanently disabled. For these permanent and long-term disabilities, there is the risk of sustenance of the person. If you become disabled for a long time, your status of employment may depend a lot on your condition and chances getting back to wok.

On your absence, the employer may hire someone else for the job on a temporary basis. Even the employer may not get the satisfaction level from part-time jobs and he won't receive the benefits of a regular employee, as he won’t be accustomed to work like others. The employment status for long-term disability depends on the time period for the recovery declared by a medical officer. If it’s up to two years, one may be considered on the grounds of unpaid leave. But beyond that, chances are of being terminated or termination of the contract.

Thus, it can be assumed that employment status on long-term disability is uncertain and it depends on disability status. The general long-term disability will cover and secure for a period up to fifty-two to seventy-two weeks. But beyond that it is considered permanent long-term disability. This is inevitable and cannot be prevented.