All You Want To Know About Ticket To Work Program

A disabled person receiving Social Security benefits might have thought that the aid has barred him to engage in gainful employment opportunities. However, the truth is its exact opposite. With the help of Ticket to Work program, disabled individuals can seek work while still getting those benefits.

The Ticket to Work program allows beneficiaries of SSDI and SSI benefits to expand their choice of employment services. Those who are deemed eligible by the Social Security Administration would be issued tickets which can be then assigned to a choice of Employment Network (EN). Once the EN accepts their ticket, it would coordinate and provide appropriate services to help these beneficiaries locate and hold on to gainful opportunities of employment.

Ticket to Work Program- Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get tickets?
As of now, no new tickets would be sent to those beneficiaries who have already received them. Only those beneficiaries who have previously not received Ticket to Work due to being under the Medical Improvement Expected (MIE) provisions have become eligible from July 1, 2008 and would be sent new tickets. Further, disability beneficiaries in the age group of 18 to 64 have been declared eligible for these benefits on a flow basis.

What if beneficiaries have not yet got paper tickets?
If paper tickets have not yet received those who are eligible, there is no need to worry. They do not need a paper Ticket to Work in hand in order to participate in the program. They can simply go ahead and dial MAXIMUS for a Ticket on Demand. This would allow them to still select the services of Employment Networks of their choice. However, before making such a move it is a must that they are fully aware of their eligibility.
How will new beneficiaries know that they are eligible for ticket to work program?
Usually, eligibility for Ticket to Work program is determined right at the time of awarding SSI or SSDI benefits. Once the decision has been taken, the Social Security Administration would send a paper ticket to the beneficiaries along with a letter explaining how they can use the ticket. However, those who are unsure of their eligibility can contact TDD at 1-866-TDD2WORK (1-866-833-2967) or MAXIMUS at 1-866-YOURTICKET (1-866-968-7842).

When are the tickets expected to reach the beneficiaries?
The Tickets to Work are expected to reach the beneficiaries latest by the end of February, 2009. If any beneficiary is still waiting for the paper ticket to arrive but are unsure of your eligibility status, then he/she can dial the above mentioned contact numbers.