Why Directional Learning Is Important

Confusion does not allow a child to learn with time. Few children are able to fight this problem. Sometimes, fathers want their boys to master skills. They want their children to follow in their footsteps. Child studies science, maths, social studies, etc., in school. He gets confused. His own goals clash with the new information in school. At such times, he needs directional learning.

The child struggles to learn with the passage of time. He wants to please his self, his father, and many people in society. He gets new ways to learn. If he is more interested in science, the other subjects become a lot confusing for him. The child notices that maths plays a lead role in science. His observation is based on the fact that statistics plays a major role in scientific studies.

With time, he begins to find a role model. The confusion increases with time. He makes TV icon his role model. People around him say his role model is artificial. Again, he becomes confused. He wants to find a real model for him. His frustrations become real with time. Sometimes, he becomes sad because he cannot become perfect like dad.

The dad of the child is a construction worker. He comes home late in the evening. The child observes each and every word dad speaks. The child observes that TV companion is a fictitious character. He wants a perfect ambition. He wants to come out of the chaos. The society tells child he has to behave like everyone else, otherwise he is abnormal. This finally creates learning disability in the child.

Everyone has learning disability at one point or the other. Just because your thinking may be different, society will treat you as a learning disabled person. In past, learning disabled persons were called dumb. This was not true with time. Modern research shows that even mentally retarded have the capacity to learn.

The child needs to come out of these obstacles. He has to follow directional learning. He can learn at a certain level, if he follows investigative skills. Self talk is important. It forms the basis of directional learning.

Scientists want to categorize learning disability because of different symptoms at different stages. Mentally handicapped learn in a different way. They can do wonders, if guided in a specific way.

The government needs to stop torture in the mental asylums. It’s sad that mentally ill are tortured today because of different behaviors.