We Are What We Learn

You must have heard the saying—we are what we eat. The same can be said as—we are what we learn. When you are born, you learn the basics of language. You listen to voice of parents in womb. In womb, you hear the vibrating sounds. Everything changes at some stage when things develop.

Many changes happen in young mind. The child does not have limited influence with time. The influences in child are countless with time. Learning process becomes a great fun once child reaches preschool. The child becomes more involved as he reaches higher education.

His association with friends decreases. Children behave in a different way in a single class. There can be potential influential behavior problem in case you are associated with other child more. Peer pressure is another factor. It creates disturbance in learning.

Peer pressure takes you away from responsibilities. Influences redirect your learning. Everyone has some learning inability by one way, or the other. The term disability is not true in all the cases. Teachers even force these cases for special education. This should not happen. Instructors do not take responsibility sometimes. This becomes a problem.

ADHD is a major form of learning disability. ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] shows hearing impairment symptoms. ADHD patients cannot concentrate for a greater period of time.

Children with ADHD find it rather difficult to learn. Their minds move faster than normal speeds. Some of these children are very intelligent, but they cannot learn according to the code of law. There is a problem with national education association. This body wants to make profit. Progress of children is the last option for this body.

The children with learning disability can learn at a home level. Home schooling increase stress in ADHD affected child. The children also often miss development facilities in home schooling. Besides, the child loses association which he/she gets in classroom. But, there is a solution. The children can have friends for play.

If parents compromise with child, the child can become success story despite learning disability. He can become a shining example. After all, you are what you learn.