Vocational Education And Students with Learning Disabilities

A student having learning disability doesn't imply that he is unable to do learn or understand. A person with learning disability may be multi-talented and have capabilities to do outstanding things with his limited talent. Educating children is usually concerned with areas like reading, calculating, writing, understanding, and memory power. If a child or a person responds slowly to such subjects, it doesn't mean that they are mentally retarded.

Theoreticians and psychologists have confirmed that people having learning disabilities are much sharper compared to their normal counterparts. They have been found very talented in vocational areas. This led to the step of introducing vocational education for students with learning disabilities.

The vocational educational programs have been introduced to make students self-dependent. The economy includes skills like art and craft, carpentry, and such other vocational occupations that we hardly realize. Imagine your car without a motor mechanic. You cannot ask an automobile engineer to repair and service your car. Such vocational skills sustain a reasonable level of employment.

Vocational education and students with learning disabilities make a good match. They are supposedly weak in regular studies due to their learning problems. But, they are better in the vocational subjects of paintings, music, carpentry, and repairing. This combines employment opportunities and the proper use of skills of the less fortunate.