Teaching Disabled Kids

Do you know that a disabled kid has limited, but certain genius in some subject or skill? It sounds interesting. It has been seen that most of the disabled children have some extraordinary capability to do certain things. Remember, the level of talent is never judged with the books and the academic achievements. However, the teachers in most secondary or primary education are not trained to handle such special children. Hence, their talents are left unnoticed and uncared for.

Sensing this kind of injustice and discrimination, steps are being taken to train the teachers for teaching disabled kids. In these kinds of training programs, the teachers are taught that their expectations should not be for outstanding results within days. Disabled children take time to grow mentally. They show their talents in specific areas through some signs in their behavior and likeliness. Hence, they should try to perceive those talents and plan accordingly. They are also asked to have patience, since the child may ask or repeat things forbidden. Even animals respond to tender love and understanding. Then how can a similar approach fail on a human child.