Few Types Of Learning Disabilities

There are various types of learning disabilities and each of them differs from the other in their area of disability, symptoms, treatment, and level of curing chances. Various terms are used to classify them and a person can have one or more than one kind of learning disability.

A very common form is dysphasia which refers to disorder regarding verbal communication. This means that they have difficulty in producing sounds or spelling of words which results in halted speech and difficulty in articulating thought out substance into vocal expression. Also, they have difficulty in perceiving vocal expressions of others and their meaning.

Secondly, there is the problem called dyslexia. This refers to problem in reading, where a person finds difficulty in distinguishing between letters or confusing between similar words, or able to read long sequences of words and sentences. This problem may not be easily identified and people may confuse it with level of intelligence. This is common, unless it is in a severe form where a person finds it extremely difficult to keep difference between certain letters.

Thirdly, there is the problem called dysgraphia which refers to the disorder of facing difficulty in writing. This happens when a person’s motor nerves are not governed efficiently and one cannot articulate thoughts and reduce them in written form. Then people suffer from dyscalculia, which refers to similar incompetence with the numbers and the subject of mathematics.

These are the certain kinds of most-common developmental disabilities which can be quickly identified. Research has found causes of these problems arising from complications, during birth, from complicated genetic combinations. However, these disorders often remain throughout life due to negligence or absence of specific kind of treatment and medical care.