All About Learning Disabilities

Defining learning disability

This is a medical condition in which a person is finding it difficult to understand, comprehend, and process information from a source or even within his own mental system. It should not be confused with mental disorder or, in simple terms, as madness.

Learning disability is a very specific kind of neurological problem which obstructs the growth of a person’s development in one form or the other. This leads to problems, especially in grappling with written and stored form of information which is essential to an education medium. This problem is generally found in schools with children in their growing years. In schools, there are certain modes of learning when employed; bring out the problem in sharp focus. Apart from this, there are many other methods in which the specific nature of the disability is diagnosed.

There can be many causes which bring learning disability in a person. Most of the studies and journals have focused on dealing with tracing the problem and its possible solutions. External medication is helpful only to a certain extent. Most of the treatments are based on many kinds of programs, exercises, and therapies which try to heal it from within.

People are affected in almost every sphere of their life, when they encounter such problems. So, a lot of study has been focused on sociology aspect as well. In medical terms, this is essentially the area of neurology which is very complicated. But this subject is very limited, in complete knowledge and understanding of the brain functions and nervous system.

The term learning disability is also interchangeably used with development disability. This is because it is an umbrella term and covers various kinds of disabilities with similar symptoms and complications.