Journal of Learning Disabilities Is Working For A Good Cause!

Few journals are as famous by their acronym as the Journal of Learning Disabilities. Ask any person as to what the JLD stands for and he/she will give the correct reply within seconds. If you are in need of availing some information about learning disorders and its implications, this journal usually has the last word. That is why it is so popular.

Learning disability is a refined field of study. Relevant information may be available through many sources, but most of them are far from reliable. In this context, Journal of Learning Disabilities is one of the oldest publications which can be relied upon on its content and is also regarded as the most authoritative.

The editorial board of Journal of Learning Disabilities consists of talented people from various corners of the world as well as from diverse backgrounds. The board aptly reflects the multi-layered structured which it is famous for. It is a congregation of different professionals such as doctors, psychologists, lawyers etc. Apart from professionals, there are many researchers as well from the fields of education, counseling and the likes.

The journal provides discussions about the major issues in this field. It lays emphasis on the presentation of subject-wise problems. It also covers complex topics like science and mathematics in a detailed manner. The journal caters to the view that learning disability is a discursive and largely unstructured practice.

JLD collects various relevant articles from different places of the globe and publish them in a distinguished way for the convenience of its subscribers. There are many research works perpetually going on across the continents. It is not possible for the common people to know about the findings of each and every research which may be very beneficial for their cause. JLD accesses those works and presents them in an easier and understandable format.

JLD caters to the need of the intellectually disabled people in a big way. That is why over the years it has become one of the most referred and cited journals of all time.