Increasing Awareness About Visual Impairments And Blindness

Blindness or   visual impairment can be caused due to physiological or psychological factors. Such people are most prone to unequal opportunities, discrimination and other  hazards in life.

Even though there are special facilities for the blind and the government makes a lot of effort towards, their welfare and uplift, it is necessary that the society should be sensitized in its outlook towards these disadvantaged people.

There are many organizations that work full time for the safety and rehabilitation of the blind. They have special centers and services designed according to the needs of these people.

In the first place, they provide the blind with educational, vocational and rehabilitation opportunities. This is done to increase their confidence level and help them take be productive and independent to the maximum extent possible.  These organizations have the required facilities and trained staff that are geared to help the blind.

They also undertake special steps that come handy for the blind, when they need it the most.  For example, they provide guide dogs that are especially trained to live with and take care of the blind.  These dogs are a constant companion and help the blind to do things such as cross the road.

The blind also get an opportunity for recreation activities and can indulge in sports and other favorite pass times as well with the aid of these organizations.  One of the most important of organizations is the Braille and Talking Book Library and Resources Center. This organization has developed over a period of time, to educate the blind and provide them with suitable opportunities.

Some of the other important organizations working in for this cause are- The American Council of the Blind, National Federation of the Blind, Blind Citizens Australia, National Federation of the Blind of California and The Canada National Institute for Blind.