Increasing Awareness About Disability

It has become crucially important to increase awareness about disability and its related problems. Keeping this in mind governments are now rising to do the needful in this regard. This problem has now come to the attention of international organizations that have now developed various laws and agendas to provide help to the disabled.

New conventions and ad-hoc committees have been set up worldwide to sensitize maximum people around the globe towards their unfortunate and unprivileged fellow human beings.  These committees are devoted to providing various emotional, psychological and infrastructural services to help the disabled and to reduce discrimination.

Special schemes have been launched and awareness is being increased on a mass level. As a step in this direction, the month of October has been declared as the Disability Awareness Month. As a part of creating awareness during this month, posters and pamphlets will be distributed to reduce discrimination against the handicapped and to welcome and support them with open arms.

Disability is not linked to just one form. There are a number of types of disabilities such as hearing disability, intellectual disability, physical disability and emotional disability.  Hence the need to create awareness about it becomes all the more necessary.

Since the numbers of disabled people are increasing, what is required is to seek protection and support for them within the community in which they live, because only then can the aim to help them be realized.

What is also important is to spread awareness and understand the expectations of the handicapped and disabled.  We should become more humane in our attitude to them and should treat them with the same respect and dignity that we confer on people without disabilities.

If we want the society to progress at an appreciable pace, then we can in no way ignore the disabled because they can be integrated into society and made productive, provided we make the efforts in this direction.

By spreading awareness about them, the society is surely bound to progress effectively.