Learning Disabilities InThe Rich N Famous

There are and were a number of famous people with learning disabilities who had problem in learning, but they turned out to be the greatest of men and proved that disability or handicap is not a curse. The famous people with learning disabilities proved themselves better than other able persons.

The National Institute of Health has estimated that as many as one in seven Americans, or fifteen percent of the United States has some form of Learning Disability. The learning disabled person is unable to read, write, speak, think, organize information, behave appropriately and do mathematical calculations. It is not autism but the disability that deprives the person from certain normal things.

Learning disability is also known as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Though it is one of the kind of mental disabilities yet one should not bow down and fight with courage for rehabilitation to overcome the retardation in them. The famous people who have been able to do so are an inspiration stating that some kind of disability cannot restrict the rights of the person to excel in the fields that they desire.

Some famous people with learning disabilities are:

1) Winston Churchill, the best British prime minister had a learning disability.
2) Walt Disney had a learning disability called dyslexia.
3) Edison couldn't read until he was twelve years old and had a very difficult time writing even when he was older.
4) Albert Einstein, the great Mathematician and Physicist had a learning disability and did not speak until age of 3.    He had great difficulty in doing maths in school.
5)  George Washington, the president of USA had a learning disability. He could barely write and had very poor grammar skills.

There are many famous people with learning disabilities still making great achievements and the learning disabilities don't prevent one from developing the brain power. So, nothing can bog you down, all you need is  determination and conviction.